Our Mission

We will gather one billion Life Forms to form a collective One actively sending Loving and Healing Energy to bring into earth’s harmony the imbalanced energy at Fukushima. The intention is to permanently alter Our Divine Earth and Humankind by raising our collective consciousness. This activity will continue on each solstice and equinox until harmony at Fukushima and Our entire Divine Earth is manifested.

You are asked to become one of a billion life forms called to assist in a Collective Participation effort to Heal Our Divine Earth at Fukushima and all areas of disharmony that our collective human existence has manifested in our Divine Earth.

Please join us in sending Positive Healing Energy to Fukushima 4 times per year.


Send loving mantras and prayers on March 20th, 2024


Send loving mantras and prayers on June 20th, 2024


Send loving mantras and prayers on September 22nd, 2024


Send loving mantras and prayers on December 21st, 2024

Our Manifest

Have you looked upon the Earth and seen and felt the pain of the earth due to the depletion of resources and misuse of this gift? Have you felt helpless, hopeless and lost in the enormity of this problem? Have you wonder what can I as an individual do the help heal Our Divine Earth? I have asked these questions also and felt the pain of Our Divine Earth. What came to me was very simple. Just send Love. If healing is the application of love to the places that hurt then sending positive loving energy to the places the Earth hurts will heal the Earth. With this in mind the Heal Our Divine Earth Foundation was manifested.

Our Purpose

The Purpose of Heal our Divine Earth Foundation is very simple. It is to gather enough positive loving energy focused toward and to Fukushima so the imbalance of energy there will become balanced (heal) and harmonize with Our Divine Earth.

Join to Heal Fukushima

By joining this effort to heal Fukushima you will receive:

Three reminders each solstice and equinox to assist you in remembering to participate.

A request to let us know you were able to join in the Heal Fukushima effort.

A quarterly newsletter informing you of the loving participation for that quarter.

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